Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor

Solar Maximum Mission (SMM) ACRIM I Pre-Flight Comparison Test

at JPL's Table Mtn. Observatory Solar Testing Facility (1978)

A suite of reference instruments (on white tracker) representing international research groups involved in pyrheliometry and TSI observations was assembled at the Solar test Facility of JPL's Table Mtn. site to provide comparison observations for the ACRIM I flight instrument (in black container on 2nd solar tracker). 




Front Row - left to right:

Royal Harrison (PACRAD/JPL), Vicente Domingo (ESA4), Ted Ozawa (ACRIM/JPL), Dick Willson (ACRIM/JPL), Samir Assaf (ACRIM/JPL), Ray kokowitcz (ACRIM/JPL)

Back row - left to right:

John Gieselman (ACRIM/JPL), Dominick Crommelynck (CROM/RMIB), Gordon Neiswanger (ACRIM/JPL), Jim Kendall (PACRAD/JPL),  Charles Duncan (NASA/GSFC), Claus Frohlich (PMO/PMOD)


Instruments included were:

SMM/ACRIM I flight instrument Willson JPL1
Rocket ACR Willson JPL1
ACR400 series reference sensors Willson JPL1
PMO2 reference sensor Frohlich PMOD2
CROM Crommelynck RMIB3


1  Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Inst. of Technology, Pasadena, CA

2  Physical Meteorological Observatory of Davos, Switzerland

3  Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium

4 European Space Agency