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 Publications by or with Richard C. Willson, ACRIM Principal Investigator

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ACRIM Presentations:


American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA):


Richard C. Willson, Past Variation of Total Solar Irradiance and Future Monitoring Needs (2004)


American Geophysical Union (AGU):


Willson, R. C., Trend in Total Solar Irradiance Detected Between Solar Cycle Minima, (A51A-01), 1997 AGU Fall Meeting,  (URL to A51A-01)

Willson, R. C., The Climate Total Solar Irradiance Variability Database, (U52A-01), 1997 AGU Spring Meeting,  (URL to U52A-01)

Willson, R. C., and A. V. Mordvinov, Total Solar Irradiance variability derived from extended satellite missions, (A51G-03 INVITED), 2000 AGU Spring Meeting, (URL to A51G-03)

Willson, R. C., and A. V. Mordvinov, ACRIM2 Observations and the Long Term Total Solar Irradiance Database, 2001 AGU Fall Meeting, Session A41D (Oral), 2001. (URL to A41D)

Willson, R. C., H S Hudson, J M Pap, Total Solar Irradiance Variability: Do Observations or Models Imply a Secular Change?, Co-conveners of special sessions SH21B (Oral), 2002 AGU Fall Meeting, 2002. (URL to SH21B)

Willson, R.C., H.S. Hudson, Total Solar Irradiance Monitoring: Results and Strategies, Co-conveners of special sessions SH31C (Oral) and SH32A (Poster), 2003 AGU Fall Meeting, 2003. (URL to SH31C)  (URL to SH32A)

Willson, R.C., S. Sofia, Secular Variation of Total Solar Irradiance and Climate, Co-conveners of special sessions SH51E (Oral) and SH53A (poster), 2004 AGU Fall Meeting, 2004. (URL to SH51E)  (URL to SH53A)

Willson, R.C., R.S. Helizon, Satellite TSI Observations, Scales and Traceability in the context of the NASA-NIST TSI Workshop Day2 Presentations and Discussion, SH33C-06, Co-convener of special sessions SH33C (Oral) and SH53A (poster), 2005 AGU Fall Meeting, 2005. URL to SH33C)

Willson, R.C., A Critical Review of Measurements and Models of Composite Total Solar Irradiance, Co-convener of special sessions SH22B (Oral) and SH23B (Poster), 2005 AGU Spring Meeting, 2005. (URL to SH22B)  (URL to SH23B)

Willson, R.C., Total Solar Irradiance Variations and Their Impact on Climate, Co-convener of special session SH41A (Oral), 2006 AGU Fall Meeting, 2006. (URL to SH41A)

Willson, R.C., Total Solar Irradiance Trends During Solar Cycles 21-24, Co-convener of special session SH43A (Poster), 2006 AGU Fall Meeting, 2006.  (URL to SH43A)

Willson, R.C., The Total Solar Irradiance Record and Its Continuity, (Poster GC42A-03), Co-convener of special session GC42A, (Oral), 2007 AGU Fall Meeting, 2007.  (URL to GC42A)

Willson, R.C., Three Decades of Total Solar Irradiance Monitoring, (Poster GC23A), Co-convener of special session GC23A, (Poster), 2008 AGU Fall Meeting, 2008.  (URL to GC23A)

Willson, R.C., The satellite total solar irradiance database (Poster GC11A-0678), Co-convener of special session GC11A, (Poster), 2009 AGU Fall Meeting, 2009.  (URL to GC42A)

R. C. Willson; R. Helizon; S. Kwan, Traceability of Satellite TSI observations and their significance for the TSI database , (Poster GC21B-0867), 2010 AGU Fall Meeting, 2010.  (URL to GC21B)

R. C. Willson; R. Helizon; S. Kwan, Comparisons of ACRIM3 and the LASP/TRF, (Invited - oral presentation GC33C-03), 2010 AGU Fall Meeting, 2010.  (URL to GC33C-03)

R. C. Willson, Revision of ACRIMSAT/ACRIM3 TSI results based on LASP/TRF diagnostic test results for the effects of scattering, diffraction and basic SI scale traceability, (Poster GC21C-04), 2011 AGU Fall Meeting, 2011.  (URL to GC21C-04)

R. C. Willson; Nicola Scafetta, Validation of the ACRIM composite TSI by solar surface magnetic field proxies, (GC22E-05), 2010 AGU Fall Meeting, 2012.  (URL to GC22E-05)


Calibration Conference (CALCON):


Richard C. Willson, Precision of the Long-term Total Solar Irradiance Database (2002)

Richard C. Willson. ACRIM TSI Results and Composite TSI Time Series (2003)


Committee on Space Research (COSPAR):



R C Willson, Judit Pap & A V Mordvinov, Variations in Total Solar Irradiance include a + 0.04 percent per decade trend in the satellite monitoring record during 1978 - 2004 (2004)


International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE):


Richard C. Willson; A. Mordvinov, J. Hansen, H. Hudson, ACRIM Observations and Variations of Total Solar Irradiance During the Past 25 Years (2003)


SORCE Science Team Meetings:


Richard C. Willson, ACRIM3 Observations and Variations of Total Solar Irradiance during solar cycles 21-23 (2003)

Richard C. Willson, ACRIM Composite Total Solar Irradiance Time Series, Dec 2003

Richard C. Willson, The Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) Database, September 2010



Universities Space Research Association (USRA):


Richard C. Willson, Total Irradiance: Calibration Issues & Recent Results (2004)




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