Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitor


AGU Fall Mtg 2007: Presentation to Session SH41A and SH43A by Richard C. Willson

Solar Variability III: Total Solar Irradiance Monitoring, Proxy Reconstructions, and Climate Implications (joint with A, SA, SH)

Presiding: N Scafetta, Duke University; R Willson, Columbia University

Special session GC42A (Oral) (URL to GC42A)

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1020 GC42A-01 MW 3002 Total Irradiance Monitor Observations of Total Solar Irradiance
*G Kopp
1040 GC42A-02 MW 3002 Measurement of the Total Solar Irradiance over cycle 23: results from DIARAD/VIRGO.
*S Dewitte, S Mekaoui, D Crommelynck
1100 GC42A-03 MW 3002 The Total Solar Irradiance Record and Its Continuity
*R C Willson
1120 GC42A-04 MW 3002 The phenomenological solar effect on climate
*N Scafetta
1140 GC42A-05 MW 3002 Some Issues of Solar Irradiance Variability and Climatic Responses: A Brief Review
*W Soon
1200 GC42A-06 MW 3002 Climate Response to Solar Forcing
*K Tung, C Camp


Solar Variability I Posters (joint with A, SA, SH)

Presiding: C H Jackman, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; N Scafetta, Duke University; R Willson, Columbia University; J P McCormack, Space Science Division, Naval Research Laboratory

Special session GC31B (Poster) (URL to GC31B)

0800 GC31B-0340 MS Exh Hall B Study Of Oscillations In Solar Terrestrial Variables Associated To Magnetic Flux Emergence
*A M Silva
0800 GC31B-0341 MS Exh Hall B Influence of the solar cycle on the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation period
*L Kuai, R Shia, X Jiang, K Tung, Y L Yung
0800 GC31B-0342 MS Exh Hall B Suggested Physics Between Cosmic Ray Flux and Regional Hydroclimate
*C A Perry
0800 GC31B-0343 MS Exh Hall B Variation of Atmospheric Heating Rates Derived from SORCE Solar Spectra and the SRPM Model
*J Fontenla, P Pilewskie, J Harder, M Snow, E Richard, T Woods
0800 GC31B-0344 MS Exh Hall B Solar Cycle Dependence of Solar UV Irradiance
*L Floyd, T Woods, M DeLand
0800 GC31B-0345 MS Exh Hall B Do Photospheric Brightness Structures Outside Magnetic Flux Tubes Contribute to Solar Luminosity Variation?
*P N Bernasconi, P Foukal
0800 GC31B-0346 MS Exh Hall B The Belgian DIARAD Total Solar Irradiance Observations, Historical Objectives, Achievements and Particularities.
*D Crommelynck
0800 GC31B-0347 MS Exh Hall B Total Solar Irradiance Modelling during cycle 23
*S Mekaoui, S Dewitte, D Crommelynck
0800 GC31B-0348 MS Exh Hall B Spectral Decomposition of the TSI Record Using the SORCE TIM and SIM Instruments
*J W Harder, E Richard, J Fontenla, P Pilewskie, G Kopp, T Woods
0800 GC31B-0349 MS Exh Hall B Solar Spectral Irradiance Variability in the Near Infrared and Correlations to the Variability of Total Solar Irradiance During the Declining Phase of Solar Cycle 23
*E C Richard, J W Harder, J Fontenla, P Pilewskie, G Kopp, T N Woods
0800 GC31B-0350 MS Exh Hall B How important are PMOD and ACRIM TSI satellite composites for the global warming debate?
*N Scafetta
0800 GC31B-0351 MS Exh Hall B (No?) Century-scale Secular Variation in HMF, EUV, or TSI
*L Svalgaard

Summary Findings:

Comparison of Satellite Total Solar Irradiance Observations


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TSI Monitoring Past, Present and Requirements for Sustaining the Database

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